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Alliance Avocats Lille


Recovering unpaid debts is vital, but it is not easy to do so abroad because of lack of knowledge of the local procedures.

The ALLIANCE AVOCATS legal office possesses recognized competence and experience to ensure recovery of debts in FRANCE, having full knowledge of the relevant rules and applying with professionalism and efficiency the measures which make it possible to obtain a payment : formal demand notice, reminders, investigation of solvency, taking of necessary guarantees choice of jurisdiction of the court and the application of the relevant law, obtaining order to pay and obtaining a judicial authorigation to enforce a foreign judgment with setting up of measures of execution.
Régis Debavelaere will inform you of what is involved in your request and will tell you what documents are necessary for making up your dossier.
The legal office draws up price estimates of the amount of costs and fees to allow for.
Thus, with complete knowledge of the costs of the measures to be undertaken, you can decide to succeed in recovering your unpaid debts in FRANCE.

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